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Check Cards

Enjoy safe and easy access to your TTCU Checking account with a free check card. Always convenient with 24x7 access. Plus, your check card can be used as an ATM card for withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers.

Visa Check Cards

Get a Visa® Check Card and enjoy convenience you just don't get with cash or checks. Visa Check Cards work like checks, but they're better. Purchases are securely deducted directly from your TTCU Checking account.

With our Visa Check Card, you can:
TTCU Check Card

* Be aware that you may be charged a surcharge fee when using a non-TTCU ATM by the institution that owns the ATM.

If your TTCU check card has been lost or stolen, contact us immediately. If after business hours, please call (800) 791-2525.

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FraudWatch Plus


We help protect you against fraud with around-the-clock monitoring - 24 hours, seven days a week. FraudWatch monitors unusual activity on your Visa Check Card so you're protected against fraud, identity theft and scams. FraudWatch Plus evaluates your transactions and patterns to identify uncharacteristic activity on your card. If detected, Fraud Prevention Services will contact you to verify the transaction. If they're unable to reach you, your card may be deactivated depending on the activity that has occurred. Fraud Prevention Services' toll-free number is (866)842-5208.


Visa Purchase Alerts


Get real-time alerts whenever you pay with your Visa credit or debit card. Enrolling for alerts is easy - just three simple steps! Visit this link to start:


Special Offers from Visa


Being a member of TTCU has its perks. We worked with Visa on special offers to save you money, just for using your Visa Check Card.




If you're traveling out of state or internationally, please let us know in advance by calling (918) 749-8828. We will add a note to your account, reducing the chance of your card being deactivated due to a potential fraud alert.

School Pride Program

If you're loyal to a particular school - as a parent, student, teacher or even an alumnus - it’s easy to show your support every day with our School Pride® Visa Check Card. Choose from more than 50 unique designs and help a local school each time you use your card.

To date, TTCU has donated nearly $1 million to Oklahoma schools through the School Pride program.