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Scared of the Unknown

Nov 19, 2020 by Sherman M.

Young adult sitting next to computerI was raised in a middle-class family that lived paycheck to paycheck. My mother’s dream for me was that I would do better financially than she and my father. To fulfill my mom’s dream, I had to be vulnerable and ask for help in a lot of aspects of my life. But sometimes, it is easier to ignore issues rather than take charge, especially when it comes to your finances. 

To improve my chances of success, I decided to take control of my finances and schedule an appointment with a financial planning firm. Sounds simple enough, right? But to be honest, I was extremely nervous for someone to look inside my financial life. I was ashamed of my debt, which included student loans, a car loan and credit cards. I was also embarrassed by my income. I kept asking the question, “Why would a financial planner want to work with me, a young professional who has more debt than income?” 

The big day came, and it was time to meet with my financial planning representative. I had completed the necessary paperwork and gathered important documents. I was ready to bare myself for the world to see. That’s what it felt like, anyway. 

Within the first few moments of the meeting, I knew there was no judgment about my situation. The representative asked me about my financial goals and what I wanted to achieve. We discussed my financial situation, and the rep helped me understand building wealth in easy-to-understand terms. 

Granted, I wasn’t in a position to start investing that day, but the financial planner treated me with respect and gave me a plan for the future. I had established a relationship with someone who can walk with me through all stages of my financial journey. What started out as fear and shame turned into hope because of Regent Financial Services.* All it took was a little bravery and courage on my part… and maybe a little math. 

Did you know that TTCU partners with Regent Financial Services to provide financial guidance and advisement to our members? Visit our Wealth Management page for a full list of their services. Don’t let fear or shame keep you from achieving your financial goals. Take the first step and contact Regent Financial Services today. 


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