Changing our charter
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Changing our charter

March 10, 2017

TTCU The Credit Union is currently a state chartered credit union and has applied for a federal charter with the NCUA. In order to obtain regulatory approval, our members must vote and approve the conversion. A federal charter would bring greater financial benefits to our members and streamlined processes to help us better serve you:

  • We would be able to open new branches without prior approval, allowing us to more quickly open locations convenient to our members;

  • Our field of membership expansion opportunities would improve, allowing more people to join TTCU and experience the benefits of credit union membership; and

  • As a federal charter similar to other federally chartered credit unions within the state, we would be exempt from some additional taxes, allowing TTCU to eliminate those expenses and return greater financial benefits to our members.

There will be costs to convert to a federal charter - primarily associated with the required name change to TTCU Federal Credit Union. Signage, stationery and legal documents would all be updated. The costs will be more than offset by the savings.

There will be no effect upon the shareholdings and obligations of members. We will continue to offer the same great products and services. The maximum interest rate TTCU may charge to a borrower under state law is 21% and under federal law is 18%.

The ballot is available online. Here are your options for voting:

U.S. Mail

You may return the completed ballot prior to March 21, 2017, to TTCU, Attn: Internal Audit, P.O. Box 4999, Tulsa, OK 74159.




You may scan and email your signed ballot to prior to March 21, 2017.




You may vote at the annual meeting which begins at 7:30 p.m. on March 21, 2017, at the Union Multipurpose Activity Center, Redskin Room, 6836 S. Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK.


I appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this charter conversion.


Tim Lyons
Chief Executive Officer/President