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More Than Just a Truck

Posted By  Abigail S.

"I'm keeping TTCU."


Name: Rich R.
Home branch: Quail Springs
Member since: 2017

Man standing in front of frosted glass wallRich R. was looking for a new truck, not a new financial institution. He found the perfect truck for him and his window washing business – a used Dodge Ram at a dealership in Midwest City. When he looked at financing options at the dealership, TTCU provided the best rate. At the time, Rich had no idea that would lead to more than just a truck.

However, when TTCU opened a new branch in Edmond in 2020, it was conveniently located near Rich’s home, making it easy for him to visit the branch to pay bills. He began to use TTCU for more of his financial needs and was impressed.

“[TTCU] has the best staff of any bank we’ve dealt with!” Rich said.

TTCU staff helped him improve his finances. They suggested transferring his credit card balance to TTCU with a better interest rate, which allowed Rich to pay it off faster.

“I love that TTCU is a credit union!” Rich said. “I took consumer education in high school, and they taught me that credit unions are better. They give more flexibility and are more advantageous to the member.”

Rich plans to continue to use TTCU as his financial institution. He dreams of owning some land someday and would love for TTCU to eventually help him with that loan.

“I’m keeping TTCU,” he said.

Each member's rates, products, and eligibility are based on individual circumstances. All offerings, rates and approvals are based on member's information provided to the credit union at application.