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We designed digital banking to be quick, seamless and intuitive so you can manage your accounts online with ease.

  • Free online access to your accounts 24/7
  • A dashboard with your most important information
  • Enhanced security
  • Check account balances and histories
  • Transfer funds within your TTCU accounts
  • Interest, dividend and tax information
Desktop Navigation - Video
Transfers - Video

One-Time or Recurring Transfers - Video

Reviewing Scheduled Transfers - Video

Member to Member Transfers - Video

Enhanced Security

You can securely enroll, change and reset your password and change your security preferences online. No need to call! No trips to make!


one-time or recurring transfer lets you move funds online to and from other accounts. Adding accounts at other financial institutions can save you a trip!

Just add and verify your external accounts to link them to your TTCU account for electronic transfers. Be sure to have your username and password for the other institution, or you can do it manually by entering their routing number, your account number and the account type (checking or savings).

Need help? Watch this step-by-step video about transfers.

External Account Transfers

Here’s how you can add an external account (one you have at another financial institution). Once linked, you will be able to transfer funds to and from that account for FREE from your TTCU digital banking.

  1. Log in to online banking on a computer or the mobile banking app.
  2. Choose “Transfer/Pay” at the top of online banking and then Transfers or touch “Transfer/Pay” at the bottom of your mobile banking app.
  3. To add a new account, use the drop-down menus to select “Add New Account” or touch the "Add Account" button in the mobile banking app.
  4. You will see two options to add an external account:

A. Add an account instantly
You can use your login credentials from a participating financial institution to instantly link the accounts. First, you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions, then select your financial institution from the list of supported institutions. After you enter your login credentials, you’ll be able to transfer money to and from this account right away.

B. Add an account manually
You can also add an account manually. You’ll need to enter your account’s information, then confirm your identity using a verification code sent to your phone via a text or a phone call. Finally, you’ll need to enter two micro deposit amounts sent to your account. These deposits may take up to three business days to appear.

Need more help? Click for step-by-step instructions.

Member-to-Member Transfers

Gone are the days when you had to repay someone with a personal check. Easily move money with member-to-member transfers - as a single, one-time transfer or recurring transfers. Great for your child’s allowance, repaying a friend or sending money to a student at college.

Your Credit Score

Always know where you stand with your credit! You can now check your credit score every time you log in to online banking.* It's secure, easy and will never lower your score! With this free tool in online banking, you can:

  • Keep track of your score to help you manage your credit
  • Monitor your credit score monthly or refresh it anytime you want
  • Get notified by email of any big changes to your credit history

Financial Wellness

Are you having a hard time staying on track to meet your money goals? TTCU's free Financial Wellness tools can help. It's a simple, convenient way to keep your finances in order - no extra apps to install or tools to learn! Use Financial Wellness tools inside online or mobile banking.

  • Spending — Track your spending, stay on track.
  • Savings Goals — Set aside money for things you want or need. We'll help you stay on track and achieve your goal.
  • Financial Health — Take a quick survey to see how you're doing with your financial health.

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* The credit score provided is intended to help you understand the factors that affect your credit score and ways you may be able to save money with TTCU Federal Credit Union loan products. It is not used for loan approval purposes or for determining loan rates. Loan rates and approvals are based on information provided to the credit union when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in the credit report may be different than the credit score you see here. The offers presented are not offers to lend and are subject to underwriting and approval. Terms and conditions and offers are subject to change at any time.