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Always be on the lookout for phishing emails, which appear to be from familiar and reputable companies, like TTCU. The email message will warn you of a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. Use caution with any links that ask you to update or provide account information.

The goal of phishing is to persuade you to share sensitive information that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft against you. If you question the legitimacy of an email, contact the company directly. Never click the link or use the information provided in the questionable email.

Criminals attempt this same scam using telephone calls - sometimes called vishing. Beware of phone calls telling you your credit card has been used illegally. If someone asks you to give or confirm credit card or personal information, hang up and report the attempt.

Check Fraud

Here's how you can help prevent check fraud:

  • Keep your checks safe. Even one check can cause problems.
  • Reconcile your account at least monthly with your physical or online bank statements.
  • Never write your PIN directly on your card, checkbook or wallet. If you must write it down, keep it separate and in a different location than your card.
  • Don’t throw away old checks and bank statements; shred them. If you're tired of paper statements, sign up for e-Statements. See all your statements in online banking.
  • Fill out checks completely so they can't be altered. Use a pigmented gel pen (like a UniBall 207 Gel Pen) to prevent “check washing.” Check washing is the process of erasing details from checks to allow them to be rewritten for criminal purposes.
  • Verify individuals requesting payments over the phone before giving them your account information. Be certain you know who is receiving it and why.
  • To prevent mail theft, take outgoing mail directly to the post office rather than placing it in your personal mailbox for pick-up.
  • Make sure to provide updated contact information for all of your accounts.
Falcon Fraud Protection

With your TTCU debit and credit cards, you get an extra layer of protection against fraud. Falcon Fraud evaluates your transactions and patterns to identify uncharacteristic activity on your card, so you're protected against fraud, identity theft and scams. Cardholders may contact Falcon Fraud at (855) 961-1602.

Detecting Phishing Emails

If you suspect an email might be a phishing attempt, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it written with a sense of urgency?
  • Does the message contain misleading links or poor spelling and grammar?
  • Is the email asking you for sensitive or personal information?
  • Does the email contain unrealistic threats or a request for money?
  • Does it appear to be from a government agency?
We take the security of your information very seriously. See how we use your personal information in our Privacy Policy.