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Meet Our Members

At TTCU®, we love our members. We are excited to introduce you to some of our members who have achieved their financial dreams with TTCU's help. Their stories may even inspire your own success.

Latest News

Shelby Beil named next President and CEO

TTCU Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors has named Shelby Beil the next president and CEO of TTCU, effective October 1.
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  • 2024 Youth Savings Month

    In honor of Youth Savings Month, we’re giving away $100 to a lucky member at each branch!
  • Modern Money Newsletter Spring 2024

    The latest edition of our Modern Money Newsletter is available! This quarter's member newsletter features stories about TTCU members, a message from the president/CEO, updates on services and current promotions.
  • 2023 Annual Report

    Our 2023 annual report is available online. This report highlights our 2023 accomplishments and financials.

Latest Blog

Secure Your Smile

It’s the Saturday of your dreams. Things are going great until you reach for your TTCU debit card to pay for lunch – and your card is missing.
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What Makes TTCU Different

  • TTCU has been the best we've ever worked with.
    Jenni B.
  • Anyone can be a success financially if they choose TTCU.
    Chester M.
  • I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else than TTCU.
    Wendy M.
  • Thanks for being great!
    Gabe L.
  • FABULOUS customer service!
    Cathy E.
  • TTCU has the best banking experience.
    Jacqueline L.
  • I am so thankful for TTCU's help.
    Barb W.
  • TTCU enabled me to live in my dream home.
  • I have never been this happy with a financial institution.
    Cassandra F.
  • I feel confident and secure with TTCU.
    Shaina W.
  • TTCU makes me feel like a valued member, not just a number
    Sherry B.
  • We love using TTCU!!
    Deana O.
  • I love TTCU
    Marcus O.
  • TTCU was the best financial decision I made.
    Raymond B.
  • We love our TTCU family.
    Cathy J.
  • Thank you, TTCU, for helping me.
    Angie I.
  • TTCU helped us build credit.
    Andresa O.
  • Switching to TTCU was the best move I ever made.
    Jill S.
  • You can't beat the customer service at TTCU
    Misti A
  • I found my forever credit union.
    Jeannie H.
  • TTCU is always giving to our community.
    Jamie M.
  • Nothing compares to my experience with TTCU.
    Jacqueline T.
  • We love TTCU!!
    Clint and Tracey K.
  • I couldn't be happier with our choice of TTCU as our financial institution.
    Charly P.
  • TTCU supports their members and communities.
    Karen W.
  • I appreciate TTCU working with me.
    Anna C.
  • Friendly, very helpful and prompt!
    David E.
  • Service is always 1st class from start to finish!
    R.A. J.
  • TTCU has been an integral part of my financial life.
    James P.
  • TTCU gave me a second chance.
    Kim W.
  • We love doing business with TTCU!
    Connie H.
  • I recommend TTCU to friends and family.
    Elaine D.
  • TTCU simplified my life.
    Jennifer O.
  • I love the conveinence of doing business with TTCU
    Renetta T.
  • TTCU gave me the tools to fix my credit.
    Andrew R.
  • TTCU rises above the rest.
    Tina T.
  • I love my TTCU. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
    Becky R.
  • TTCU treats me like a person, not just a bank account.
    Meredith F.
  • Proud to be a member of TTCU for over 30 years.
    Helen H.
  • Best credit union in town.
    Daniel M.
  • I've trusted TTCU for years with my banking needs.
    Diana D.
  • TTCU is the place to get the help you need.
    Zeth P.
  • TTCU is the place to go for all your financial needs.
    Carolyn B.
  • TTCU stood by me when I needed it most.
    Cecilia H.
  • Friendly and reliable service.
    Charles M.
  • TTCU gave me a chance.
    Rebecca A.
  • I always come back to TTCU. They are the best.
    Ann D.
  • I have always been proud to be a member of TTCU!
    Liz A.
  • Shout out to TTCU!
    Dan L.
  • TTCU is my credit union for life!
    Myra R.
  • TTCU has its members' best interest at heart.
    Catherine T.
  • TTCU has ALWAYS been helpful.
    Kent F.
  • TTCU makes us feel at home.
    Marilyn D.
  • TTCU treats members like family.
    Matt D.
  • TTCU customer service is top notch!
    Cindy S.
  • TTCU is awesome!!
    Jimmy J.
  • TTCU is the place to go for all your financial needs.
    Carolyn T.
  • Thank you for all you do for your members
    Vivian B.
  • TTCU made it easy to reach my financial goals.
    Candace P.
  • Just amazing people to work with.
    Anthony O.
  • TTCU made it easy for us to buy our dream home.
    Larry M.
  • Helping others is what TTCU does best!
    Marilyn C.
  • :) :) :) friendly service
    Mason M.
  • TTCU is awesome!!
    Ann P.
  • TTCU has been a blessing to me.
    Calvin B.
  • Our family trusts TTCU.
    Roger B.
  • Great place for all your financial needs!
    Brittany G.
  • Refinancing our mortgage was so easy with TTCU.
    Christine J.
  • TTCU is my banking family
    Sammie K.
  • TTCU makes me feel secure.
    Jeannie H.
  • Members since 1981 and have always been happy!
    Barb H.
  • I'm glad I chose TTCU.
    Sherri S.
  • I've always been impressed with TTCU. Great service and always friendly!
    Alyssa M.