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Stop the hassle of writing checks and buying stamps! Bill Pay is available free of charge to all TTCU digital banking users. Within digital banking, just click "Bill Pay” under Transfer & Pay to start saving time and money!

  • Quick, easy merchant setup
  • Secure and easy to use anytime, anywhere
  • Pay unlimited bills free of charge
  • Pay bills automatically
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Schedule recurring fixed payments, such as mortgages and rent
  • Choose the date you want your bill payment to arrive
  • Manage e-Bills from many payees
  • Review payment status and history
  • Expedite payments if needed
  • Pay bills from your smartphone with our mobile app
  • Make person-to-person payments instead of writing your friend a check
  • Manage all your bills on one convenient screen
  • Set up bill reminders
  • Enjoy dedicated support
Dedicated Support

We have set up a toll-free support number exclusively for TTCU members. If our frequently asked questions don’t provide the information you need, please call (866) 820-8196 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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