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Are you ready to make the move? 

Here are the four steps you need to take to switch your finances to TTCU Federal Credit Union! Once you’ve switched, you’ll have access to all the benefits that TTCU has to offer, including LevelUp, Member Rewards, online and mobile banking and so much more!

Step 1

Apply for your new account with TTCU Federal Credit Union

Let’s get started! Grab your personal information (government-issued ID, address, Social Security number) and either head to a TTCU branch location or online to open your new account. 

In Person

If you would like to work ahead, you can download or print off this new account form at home and bring it with you to your local TTCU branch.


If you prefer to apply online, visit our How to Join page. Read our eligibility conditions and click Open an Account. Once your new account is approved, you’ll want to sign up for online and mobile banking. If you need help, use these step-by-step instructions

Step 2

Transfer your direct deposits

Now it’s time to transition your direct deposits to TTCU. Be aware: each direct deposit may require a unique form.

Use this direct deposit form to notify your employer that you want your paycheck automatically deposited into your new TTCU account.

For Direct Deposit to Savings

In the field for account number, list the member number you were provided during the account opening process.

For Direct Deposit to Checking

In the field for account number, list the checking account number found on the bottom of your checks or in the checking details section of online banking.

See the Helpful Tips section below for more information. 

Step 3

Transfer your bill payments and automatic transfers

Your next step is to transfer your online bill payments and automatic transfers to TTCU. A unique form or action may be required for each one, so keep track of the items you’ve transferred over. 

Don’t Forget 

Automatic transfers and online Bill Pay can be used for a variety of payments.**

  • Do you have a loan payment set up as an automatic transfer?
  • Is your Netflix account charged to your old debit card?
  • Is your utility or internet bill paid using online bill pay?
These are all examples of transfers you may need to make. Don’t forget to review your finances and make a complete list.
Online Bill Payments

What bills do you pay with online banking? You can set up the same payments with TTCU’s Bill Pay. It’s easy to transfer your recurring bill payments to TTCU.

  • Bill Pay is available free of charge to all TTCU online banking users.**
  • Securely pay your bills from your desktop computer or our mobile app.
  • Grab a copy of your billing information for a smooth transition.
Automatic Transfers

Is your car loan payment automatically transferred? Now is the time to transfer it! Use the forms below for transfers to and from your new TTCU accounts.

Helpful Tips 
  • Stop & Cover: Now that you've started your move to TTCU, you can stop using your old account - no more making payments, writing checks or using your debit card. This will allow all your transactions to clear, but be sure to leave sufficient funds in your old account to cover any outstanding items. We'd hate for you to overdraw your old account!
  • If you’re not sure where your automatic payments are going, check your current statement or in online banking to help you remember.
  • The forms above are generic and must be completed with your specific information. Your employer or a merchant may require you to use their specific form to complete the transfer process.
  • As with any new account, there are always numbers flying around that can be confusing. Here's a quick guide so you can keep everything straight.

Checking account number

This number is specific to your new checking account, and it differs from your member number. It can be found at the bottom of your new checks (see the graphic below) or in online banking, just click on your checking account and then the details tab.

Member number 

Your new member number is yours to keep forever. It identifies you as a member of TTCU. If you forget it, you can find it in the top, right corner of your TTCU statement.

ABA or routing number 

Financial institutions use routing numbers to process electronic payments. TTCU's nine-digit routing number is 303986313. It’s always available on our website or in the lower left-hand corner of your new checks.

Step 4

Close your other accounts

It’s time to complete your transition to TTCU. Once you’ve verified that your checks and any other outstanding transactions have cleared, and your direct deposits and automatic payments have moved to TTCU, you’re ready to close your old account completely.

Congratulations! You've successfully switched to TTCU.

If you have any questions, please visit a TTCU branch location or contact Member Relations for assistance. We’re glad you’ve made the switch, and welcome to TTCU! 

Enrollment - Video

One-Time or Recurring Transfers - Video

Reviewing Scheduled Transfers - Video

Member to Member Transfers - Video

Add External Accounts - Video

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