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Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage your financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security. We are proud to offer FoolProof Financial Literacy tools to our members and the entire community.

FoolProof is an online learning program designed by nationally-known consumer advocates to deliver free financial literacy programs to all consumers, from high school-age through retirement.

FoolProof for High Schools

In 2007, the State of Oklahoma passed the Passport to Financial Literacy Act, requiring that students in Grades 7-12 learn basic concepts for handling their finances. The 14 different topics designated as standards for instruction are intended to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage their personal finances.

The 14 interactive modules provide unbiased* and relevant financial education for students, while offering teachers exciting new tools for the classroom.

*There is no advertising within the education modules.

  • Free to teachers through TTCU
  • Interactive online learning
  • Meets Oklahoma Passport standards

These modules can be completed in the classroom (computers are necessary) or given as homework. Teachers can select specific modules to enhance their current curriculum or have students complete them all while easily tracking progress and test scores online.

Click here for FoolProof for High Schools

FoolProof Solo – For Young Adults

FoolProof Solo is a complete financial education program for college-aged people and young adults designed to teach financial responsibility.

Click here for FoolProof Solo

FoolProof Parents – Educate Your Kids

FoolProof Parents is a web-driven financial education program designed for parents to use with their teenage children. Interactive modules teach financial responsibility and feature real-world topics such as how to open and manage a checking account and how to avoid debt by using a credit card responsibly.

Click here for FoolProof Parents

FoolProof Workplace

The FoolProof WorkPlace program is for those who enter the workforce. Businesses that employ a large number of young workers might also find this program useful.

Click here for FoolProof Workplace

Buying Guides

FoolProof Buying Guides cover the ins and outs of purchasing a car, mortgage, home, boat or RV and how to avoid common pitfalls to get the most value for your money.

Click here for FoolProof Buying Guides

Consumer Guides

FoolProof Consumer Guides walk consumers through topics such as fraud and privacy, financial well-being, 50+ living and a homeownership. Learn how to make the best choices whether choosing an auto mechanic or saving for retirement.

Click here for FoolProof Consumer Guides

Make Cents – Adult Consumer News

Make Cents is an online newsletter designed to keep adults up to date on the latest consumer news and help you be a smart and informed consumer.

Click here to view FoolProof's Make Cents newsletter

My Money M2 – Young Adult Consumer News

My Money M2 is a consumer news site focused on financial issues encountered by young people and college students. It features timely articles, case studies and podcasts with information to help protect you against being “fooled” into poor financial decisions.

Click here to view FoolProof's Make Cents newsletter for youth