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TTCU is a credit union, which makes it different than a bank.

A credit union is owned and controlled by its members. Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations, which means that all earnings go back into the credit union to benefit its members – not stockholders. This allows credit unions to offer higher earnings on savings accounts and lower rates on loans.

What makes TTCU different?

TTCU is a place where people can come for financial help. We ask, "What can TTCU do for you?" We are committed to making sure members are on the financial path that works best for them and their situation – the mortgage or loan that works for their income and family, or the type of account that benefits them most financially.

When we opened our doors more than 85 years ago, it was so people could help each other meet their financial needs, and it's still about that today!

That's what we're all about - helping people.

Everything is for the benefit of our members.

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