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Affiliated Groups

Affiliated Groups

Select Employee or Association Groups (SEG/SAG) are organizations that have affiliated themselves with TTCU. These groups offer TTCU membership as an added benefit to their employees or members.

Select Employee and Association Groups

When your business or organization becomes affiliated with TTCU, you can add all the advantages of credit union membership to your employee benefits package at no cost to you!

  • TTCU membership is provided at no cost to your company
  • Membership is available to employees and their family members

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TTCU invites your organization to become a partner today! Apply by writing a request letter (Attn: Business Development Manager) and faxing it to 918-747-2976. Choose between two request-letter templates:

Please be sure to use your organization’s letterhead and have the letter signed by an authorized representative.

List of Groups

If you are an employee (or immediate family member) of any of the businesses below, you are eligible for membership at TTCU.

Groups Alphabetical

  • Groups A - E

  • Groups F - J

  • Groups K - O

  • Groups P - T

  • Groups U - Z