"Almost 14 years living on the streets."

Name: Frank E.
Home branch: Bixby
Member since: 1988

Frank E. spent almost 14 years living on the streets as a young adult. When he came to Tulsa on a railroad car, he had no idea what he was going to do – he only knew he had family living in the area.

Thanks to a local nonprofit, Frank was able to get some help and turn his life around. In 1988, he ended up working at a local school as a custodian, leading to a steady paycheck. He needed somewhere to deposit those paychecks, so staff at the school suggested TTCU. That launched a long relationship.

Frank has used TTCU for loans for multiple cars and motorcycles over the years, as well as personal loans when he needed some cash.

"I never had to worry about anything," Frank said. "And I've never missed a payment on anything I had at TTCU."

Family is one of the most important things to him. It brought him to Tulsa, and now he's taken in his nieces and helps his mother with bills every month.

"You've got to take care of family," Frank said.

Frank ended up with a job he loved - working on semi-trailers for a living. His mind is always thinking of ways to improve things, and he was involved in patenting a safety feature for semi tires.

"I like working hard," Frank said. "Lifting heavy stuff helps keep me fit. Everything's heavy on semi-trailers!"