Ruth dreamed of owning her own piano.

Name: Ruth H.
Home branch: Jenks
Member since: 1975

"I learned to play on church pianos, but never had one of my own," Ruth said. "When I became a member of TTCU, I decided to use a loan from the credit union to fulfill my dream."

Ruth heard about TTCU through her employment at Oral Roberts University. She watched the construction of the campus and helped enroll the very first class of students at the university.

During their 66 years of marriage, Ruth and her husband used the credit union for loans for three houses and numerous cars, as her husband didn't like to keep the same car very long. But they often worked hard to pay off the loans early.

"Our bills always came first," Ruth said. "We never missed a payment to the credit union. We've found that if you take care of the credit union, the credit union takes care of you."

Their children brought that same can-do spirit to their own savings. One daughter held a garage sale, and started her TTCU kids' savings account with the proceeds. A TTCU employee took the time to talk with the children about being responsible with their money. Even after they grew up and moved away from home, Ruth's children still reached out to that employee from time to time until her retirement from the credit union.

"Kids don't think their parents are very smart when they're growing up, but they listened to her," Ruth said.