"He's proud of what he's accomplished in his lifetime."

Name: Wesley H.
Home branch: Muskogee
Member since: 1981

Wesley H. believes in being proud of the legacy you've built. He's proud of what he's accomplished in his lifetime: He lobbied for education and support staff at the Oklahoma capital in the 1960's and 1970's. He became the first African-American foreman in the maintenance department at Tulsa Public School.

"We took pride in everything we did," he said. Wesley still keeps his old TPS ID's in his wallet as a reminder of what he achieved.

When a colleague encouraged him to join TTCU, Wesley was excited to become part of the organization. He joined TTCU because of its support of education, an issue he felt passionately about throughout his career.

Wesley raised three children and purchased some land in the countryside surrounding Muskogee.

He reached out to TTCU over the years for help when money was tight.

Retiring in 1997, he's relied on personal contact with TTCU even more as he's learned the difference between a "steady income and a fixed income," he says.

He's been a member of the Muskogee branch since the day it opened in 2008.

"TTCU has been like a family," Wesley said. "Everyone has been so polite and courteous and so ready to give advice. (The employees) all have a lot of patience and time for an older person."

He loves visiting "his" branch every couple of weeks.