Andrew was able to raise his credit score over 250 points.

Name: Andrew R.
Home branch: Midtown
Member since: 2016

Andrew R. wasn’t happy with his credit score. In his early twenties, he got a credit card and neglected the payments. He didn’t really understand how his credit score worked or the impact it would have on his future.

Around the same time, he began looking for a new financial institution. Andrew had been at a big national bank, but wasn’t happy with the experience. His friends explained to him the difference between credit unions and banks and encouraged him to join TTCU.

Not only did Andrew become a member, he sat down with one of TTCU’s Credit Union Advisors, who encouraged him to open up a secured loan. This helped him to rebuild his credit score as he made regular payments each month. Thanks to TTCU’s advice, Andrew was able to raise his credit score over 250 points. 

“When I joined TTCU, I was given the tools to fix my credit,” he said. “ . . . I came out of there a different person.”

Andrew worked hard to pay off all his debt. But when he finished, he noticed his credit score dropped again. He went back to TTCU, and they explained that making consistent payments was important to keep the score high. Because of his hard work paying off debt, he qualified for a TTCU credit card and uses it responsibly thanks to the lessons he learned along the way.

Andrew enjoys visiting TTCU’s branches when needed. He’s visited different locations across the Tulsa metro and had a positive experience at each.

“No matter what location I’m going to, I’m treated like family.”

Andrew has recommended TTCU to numerous friends looking for a financial institution.

“If it wasn't for TTCU, my credit wouldn't be what it is today. I'll be forever grateful for all the wonderful assistance and help I've received along the way,” Andrew said. “ . . . Now it’s up to me to keep up my score and my financial (health).”