"We’re members for life!"

Names: Brooke and Seth L.
Home branch: Online Services

Members since: 2019

When Brooke and Seth got financing for a truck, little did they know that they would end up with so much more.

They located the perfect truck at a dealership in northwest Arkansas and found that the best rate came from TTCU. They weren’t expecting a TTCU staff member to call them a few weeks later with more opportunities to save money.

“I’d been with the same bank since I was sixteen,” Brooke said. “But they had never done anything like that.”

When pulling their credit report, the TTCU staff member noticed that Brooke had previously purchased a Jeep for her teenage daughter. Brooke and Seth were able to refinance the Jeep at a lower rate.

Brooke and Seth began investigating other ways TTCU could save them money. As an outdoorsy, active family who loves camping and hiking, Brooke and Seth had purchased a camper that they refinanced with TTCU as well. They eventually ended up refinancing their home with TTCU so they could put some equity towards a remodel, and they opened a TTCU credit card with a lower interest rate than their previous card.

“We’ve probably saved $300 a month, which has allowed us to save some money and pay off other things,” Brooke said. “That’s great . . . because kids cost a lot of money!”

With three kids – a college-aged son, a daughter in high school and a grade-schooler – Brooke and Seth aren’t done using TTCU’s services. They are looking for land so they can have a farm someday, and plan to continue to use TTCU as their financial institution as they pursue their family’s dreams.

“We’re members for life!” Brooke said.