"I’m always greeted with a smile."

Name: Keith R.
Home branch: North Pointe
Member since: 2014

Keith R. leads a busy life as the founder of a local nonprofit, The Reed Community Foundation. He needed a place that was convenient and easy for both his personal finances and the Reed Community Foundation. Since it was only a minute away from the foundation, TTCU’s North Pointe branch provided the perfect financial home.

“I’m always greeted with a smile,” Keith said. “They always treat me right and give great service . . . It’s like a family.”

Keith views the Reed Community Foundation as his life mission and a way to give back to the community. The Reed Community Foundation staff and volunteers provide after-school and summer programming as well as nutrition and clothing assistance. Keith also brings his experience as a coach to evening fitness programming for children and adults.

“Kids need structure and a good role model in their lives,” Keith said. “I love pointing kids in the right direction.”

Keith’s life got even busier when the Reed Community Foundation added a second location. They took over the Ben Hill Community Center on MLK Boulevard and East Latimer Place, and are working on restoring the building in phases. They plan to move in and begin offering programming after phase one construction is complete in June. Keith’s looking forward to being able to offer more services and reach more kids with his programming at both locations.

“As I work to upscale the Reed Community Foundation, I know [TTCU] will be there for me,” Keith said. “I’m all about love to the neighborhood and the community. This new building will allow us to do even more for the community.