"So grateful to have a (credit union) that rewards you for being intentional with your money!"

Name: Katy L.
Home branch: Midtown
Member since: 2013

For Katy, her high school decision to join TTCU and get a Jenks School Pride debit card has paid off big time. When Katy was growing up, money was tight.

“I started working at 14 at a local restaurant to make money for clothes, a phone, a car, and everything else I was missing out on as a kid,” Katy said. “I went to Jenks (High School), and (my mom and I) knew that TTCU supports local schools, so we decided to bank thru them.”

Now, TTCU provides Katy’s financial home as she works several jobs to support her entrepreneurial dreams. She still works at the restaurant on weekends, but also teaches yoga and recently opened her own photography studio and event space in the Kendall Whittier neighborhood with a good friend. 

“It’s been a challenge, but a good one,” Katy says.

Now, nearly a decade after she opened her TTCU savings account, she still uses TTCU for her personal financial needs. Katy likes the convenience of TTCU’s mobile banking app, which makes it easy to transfer money between accounts. She also appreciates that TTCU has branches across the Tulsa area, making it easy for her to deposit her tips from the restaurant. And she still has the Jenks Trojan debit card she signed up for all those years ago.

“I have an incredibly comfortable savings and money market under me, and TTCU has been a wonderful way for me to build that,” Katy said. “So grateful to have a (credit union) that rewards you for being intentional with your money!”

In the future, Katy hopes to use TTCU to learn more about investing her money.

“(I’m) so grateful for TTCU!” Katy said.