Name: Chris B.
Home branch: Broken Arrow North
Member since: 2015

From the very beginning, TTCU has been a part of Chris's family. When his grandmother deemed it time for him to learn about managing money, she didn't hesitate to turn to TTCU for help. Together, they walked into TTCU to open his first bank account. His parents were already longtime TTCU members, as his father was a teacher and even his grandmother had a history with TTCU.

“I remember I was with my grandma, and I was mowing her yard,” Chris said.  “She would pay me an allowance and finally she said that it was time to go get a bank account.”

Now, that time has passed, Chris finds himself relying more and more on TTCU's online banking services. The convenience of the user-friendly platform has made managing his finances effortless, a significant benefit for a busy deputy sheriff juggling a demanding job. TTCU’s commitment to making banking easier shines through the digital experience provided.

“It’s so easy and simple to use and everything's right there in front of you,” Chris said. “You just click the tab or whatever you need to find and it's there.”

But that’s not the only thing that has kept him and his family loyal for generations. TTCU’s commitment to delivering extraordinary service and value is why Chris and his family continue to trust TTCU with their financial endeavors.

"I've never received any bad customer service or anything like that. It's always been smiles and 'hey, how are you doing this morning, Chris?’  . . . It's more personal,” he said.