Name: Chris and Sarah H.
Home branch: Claremore
Member since: 2011

A disappointing experience at another financial institution led Chris to TTCU. When his checking account was compromised, his financial institution closed the account. However, unfortunately, they no longer offered free checking, instead switching him to a fee-based account.  

“It wasn’t their fault, but (the other financial institution) made it a lot worse,” Chris said. 

Chris had held an account with TTCU since childhood, initially establishing it when he secured his first job filing paperwork in a law office. After his disappointing experience with his previous bank, he visited a TTCU branch to get help. The staff helped him set up free checking, and Chris decided to move all his accounts to TTCU.

“I definitely felt like (TTCU) treated me like a person, not just a number,” Chris said. “With TTCU, I’m a member, not a customer, and that makes a difference.”

When Chris and Sarah wanted to refinance their home, using TTCU was a no-brainer. 

“Why would I not go with the place that had made everything super easy?” Chris said. 

They’ve been happy to continue to partner with TTCU over the years. 

“I want to continue to grow my accounts with TTCU,” Chris said. “To me, that says stability. I feel a lot safer when I have all my accounts at one place.”