Name: Alexandria A.
Home branch: Sand Springs
Member since: 2021

For Alexandria, a full-time student at Tulsa Community College, TTCU provided a place where she could learn money management. 

Alexandria had first tried a bank, but wasn’t happy with the experience, so her parents suggested TTCU. When Alexandria went into the TTCU branch, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but she felt instantly at ease.  She was looking for ways to maximize her savings, so she met with one of TTCU’s certified financial coaches

“I was a little nervous and wasn’t really sure how it all worked,” Alexandria said. “[A TTCU employee] took the time to sit down with me and explain all the options.”

After this, Alexandria felt confident investing in a certificate – which later matured, giving her a great return on her savings – and a money market. She also took out her first credit card with a low limit, which allowed her to responsibly begin to build her credit. 

“I was so happy with how easy it was to pay my bills,” Alexandria said. “I can also watch my balances, and I love the notifications I was able to set up (through the app).”

At 21, Alexandria has begun building her future life. She plans to transfer to the University of Oklahoma as a nursing student soon and looks forward to graduating. 

“I have a lot of financial goals and a bright future ahead of me, and I see TTCU helping me with that,” Alexandria said