Picture of woman outside of TTCU Branch

Name: Crystal R.
Home branch: Broken Arrow
Member since: 2018

As a single mother and college student at Northeastern State University, Crystal’s focus was on surviving financially. When she needed a new financial institution, a friend suggested TTCU, telling her she’d be better off with a credit union. Crystal had no idea how far that simple piece of advice would take her.

Crystal learned that as a credit union, TTCU is focused on helping its members, and she soon found that she got a more personalized experience at TTCU.

Crystal needed a new vehicle, so TTCU staff helped her build her credit. Then, when it came time to make the purchase, she was able to be pre-approved at a great interest rate. They also explained all the different options for saving money, and now Crystal has some of her savings earning a higher dividend rate through a certificate.

“I didn’t know about all my options for savings or how to build credit,” Crystal said. “All I knew about were savings and checking accounts. Now, I have three savings (accounts), two checking (accounts), a certificate and a credit card through TTCU with excellent credit. I appreciate the personal service I get every visit at TTCU!”

Now, Crystal is passing those lessons on her to children, a sophomore in high school and a preschooler. Each of them has a TTCU kids’ savings account, and when they were little, they enjoyed depositing their change and watching it run through the change counter.

If her past self could see her now, “I would be impressed that my savings account was above zero,” Crystal said. “I have so much more financial stability now.”