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Online Banking

Mobile Banking

The ability to do your banking on the go is priceless. Good thing it's free for our members! You get secure access to your TTCU accounts through your smartphone's browser, our mobile app or with text banking.

Mobile App

Get the convenience of online banking in the palm of your hand.

  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Designed to look and feel the same across all your devices - computer, smartphone and tablet
  • Your username, password and security prompts are the same as online banking
  • Quickly log in with a fingerprint or a four-digit ​Passcode - convenient and secure (available on iOS and Android devices)
  • Check balances, view transaction history or make transfers
  • Make deposits with Mobile Check Deposit
  • Send secure messages to TTCU
  • Search "TTCU" in the App Store, Google Play or use the links below
  • Our interactive locator helps you find the closest branch or ATM
  • Before using our app, you must first enroll in online banking; see Enroll Now link at top of page


* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

Mobile Check Deposit

In our mobile app, you can deposit paper checks into your TTCU accounts using your smartphone’s camera. Endorse the check and add "for mobile deposit," then snap a picture - it’s just that simple!

  • Deposit checks anytime free of charge
  • Skip the trip to your local branch or drive-thru


* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

read more about mobile check deposit



To use Mobile Check Deposit, you must first download the TTCU Mobile app and enroll for the service. It’s free!

  • Log into online banking using your user ID and password
  • Under More Options, select the link for Mobile Deposit Setup
  • Read through the terms and conditions, and check the box if you agree
  • Click Confirm


Helpful Tips


Here are a few tips to get your started:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of our mobile app
  • Endorse the back of your check with the words "FOR TTCU MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY” and your signature
  • Deposits can go into your checking, savings or money market accounts
  • Public or free wifi connections should not be used for banking transactions; we recommend your phone carrier's Internet connection
  • Usage rates from your mobile carrier may apply
  • Mobile deposits are for personal use and cannot be used commercially
  • Pictures of your endorsed check must be clear and legible
  • Deposited funds are subject to our check hold procedures and may not be immediately available
  • After completing your deposit, keep your paper check for 90 days before destroying it
  • If you experience an error, notify TTCU right away

Text Banking

Short on time? Take care of common account transactions with a simple text message - check balances, history or transfer funds. Text banking is quick, easy and a convenient way to stay up-to-date on your accounts.

  • Fast answers via text help you make smart decisions
  • Enable text banking in online banking


* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.
** Some carriers may require permission to enable the mobile account for short code (SMS) messages.

read more about text banking

Text Commands


  • Text BAL or BAL (account nickname) for account balances
  • Text HIST or HIST (account nickname) for latest account history
  • Text XFER (from account nickname) (to account nickname) (amount) to transfer funds between accounts
  • Text HELP to receive a link to this web page for information
  • Text STOP to stop all text messages for text banking and mobile alerts/notifications


Text Banking Setup


Step 1: Enroll

  • Log in to online banking
  • Click Text Banking option in the left side menu
  • Toggle the switch to yes
  • Enter the phone number you would like to use to receive/send text messages
  • Agree to terms and click save

Step 2: Enable/Configure Accounts

  • Click Visit Preferences
  • Enter display name for each account you wish to access via text banking; four characters maximum
  • Put the accounts in order
  • Check the box next to the accounts that you wish to enable and click Submit

Step 3: Perform Transactions

  • To perform transactions, submit a text command to 226563 (which is BANKME)
  • To check your balances, text BAL or BAL (display name)
    • Example: BAL SAV will display the current balance of your savings account
    • Example: BAL will display the current balance on all accounts which have been enabled
  • To show your account history, text HIST (Display Name)
    • Example: HIST SAV will display the 10 most recent transactions from your savings account
  • To transfer funds between accounts, text XFER (Display Name from) (Display name to) (Amount)
    • Example: XFER SAV CHK 1.00 will transfer $1.00 from your savings account to your checking account
  • Text HELP to receive more information about text banking
  • Text STOP to discontinue all text banking messages

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile App

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Mobile Check Deposit

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