Yep, you read that correctly and yes, I am the millennial you have heard about. I have lived with my parents for 29 years. By living at home, I have been able to pay down credit card debt and student loans, and I also had the opportunity to explore a few different career paths. I finally decided to move out because I am financially stable, and I am pretty sure my parents want their space.

From my late teens, I have always wanted to build a home. However, after some life changes, I realized that I wasn’t ready for that responsibility. I decided to look for something that was lower maintenance with less square footage. After considering my wants and needs, I concluded that an apartment would be the best option for my next phase of life.

When selecting my apartment, I looked at cost, location, and amenities. I had narrowed down my search to three great options, but they all had pros and cons. Apartment A was close to work, but it would use every penny of my house budget. Apartment B was cheaper but didn’t have the amenities I wanted. Apartment C was the most affordable, had everything I wanted, but the location wasn’t ideal.


After looking at my budget and weighing out the pros and cons, I picked (drumroll please) Apartment C. By choosing the most affordable option, I saved nearly $200 a month. With these savings, I was able to reserve a covered parking spot at the complex and contribute more to my 401(k). Of course, the commute to work will be a little longer, but I know I’m making smart decisions that will change my financial future.

Now I know that living at home until you're 29 isn't possible for everyone, but a financial partner like TTCU Federal Credit Union can help you achieve your financial goals at any age. Finances don’t have to be scary. Stop by any of our 17 branches located between Tulsa and Oklahoma City and meet with a Certified Financial Counselor to help you live life in balance.