Nearly a quarter century ago, there was a famous infomercial that told customers they could "set it and forget it" when it came to cooking with a rotisserie grill. It was considered one of the greatest taglines in history. Unfortunately, many people take this same approach to their finances.

They mistakenly believe that once they have a budget or have their bills set to autopay, their work is done, and they only check their finances occasionally. But your finances are not a rotisserie grill. They are more like a house plant; they require tending and maintenance.

Sierra L., TTCU Branch Manager, advises her members to get in the habit of checking their accounts at least every other day. It may seem like a lot of unnecessary work, but the benefits far outweigh the 5 minutes a day it will take to do routine maintenance.

Here are four reasons to check your account daily:

  • Fraudulent Activity – In 2018, financial fraud against consumers totaled nearly $3 billion. In addition to TTCU's fraud protection, checking your account frequently can help you spot fraudulent activity sooner and prevent financial losses.

  • Forgotten Transactions – We've all been there. You're in a hurry, swiping your card and telling yourself you'll record the transaction as soon as you have a moment. But you forget and before you know it, you've overdrawn your account. By checking your account daily, you're more apt to catch those forgotten transactions and potentially avoid pesky overdraft fees.

  • Automatic Payments – You have your bills set to auto pay and it's made your life infinitely easier. But what happens if your local cable provider makes a mistake and debits your account twice? When you check your account regularly, you catch mistakes sooner rather than later. And the quicker a mistake is caught, the easier it is to fix.

  • Adjusting Your Spending – When you monitor your account daily, it's easier to tweak your budget as needed. For example, if you spent too much on eating out last week, you can adjust your spending in other categories to ensure you stay on track.

Start this month. Pick a time each day to log in and review your accounts. And with, all your accounts are easily accessible with just a few clicks or taps.