Are you saving for something?

It doesn't matter if it's big or something small - we're here to help. Having just the right account can really pay off! 

A savings account is how many, if not most, begin their financial journey. In fact, that’s the first step to becoming a TTCU member. Your initial $5 deposit into your savings is your "share." This investment (which remains in your savings account) makes you an owner of our credit union. But, did you know that we offer more than just the regular savings account? From LevelUp* accounts, to certificates**, money markets and IRAs, there are a wide variety of avenues available right here to get you from where you are in your savings journey, to where you want to be.

We want to help!

Sure, you’ve probably heard of these accounts before, but what can they really do for YOU? Is it best to put your money in a money market? What about locking into a certificate? Aren’t IRAs only for when you’re older?

We’re excited to answer these questions and more as we kick off a “Savings Series,” focusing on a different deposit account each month. We’ll break down the benefits, explaining the ins and outs of each account so you can decide which account works best for you.

Savings Guide Chart

Did you know we have a handy Savings Guide that can help you get started? 

Feel free to check it out and see which account you land on. We also have certified financial counselors available at our branches to help – there’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to savings, and we want you to have one that’s the best fit for you, personally.

Be on the lookout for more savings tips each month – we’re all in this together! Let us help you save for what matters most. 

Download our Savings Guide in English or Spanish.