Grow your savings faster with a TTCU LevelUp account

This month, our Savings Series is all about an easy way to boost your savings with a TTCU LevelUp account.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • TTCU debit card purchases are automatically rounded up, then the change gets deposited into your LevelUp account.
  • It pays 3% APY*, a much higher rate than a standard savings account.
  • It’s meant to supplement your main savings account, so you can’t transfer in additional money.
  • Also, any dividends from Member Rewards will automatically be deposited into open LevelUp accounts.
  • Members that have debit cards on multiple checking accounts may have a LevelUp account attached to each one.**

To further highlight the benefits of this account, I reached out to two TTCU branch managers who help members open them every day – Sierra L. (Midtown) and Pam M. (Owasso). 

How would you describe a LevelUp account?  

Sierra: A LevelUp account only receives deposits via Member Rewards dividends or rounding up your purchases on your debit card. Then, you’re able to withdraw as needed.

Pam: There are no qualifications. Anyone who has a checking account with a debit card can participate. It’s a free account - no fees or charges. We call it a “digital change jar.”

Why would you recommend a LevelUp account?

Sierra: It allows you to save money without having to think, and it pays higher dividends than a normal savings account.

Pam: It’s a passive way to save. Small round-up deposit funds can accumulate quickly and the 3% yield is a great rate on funds that have no withdrawal restrictions.

What are the key benefits of a LevelUp account?

Sierra: (You’re able to) save money quicker and without having to consciously do it. Next thing you know, you have money available to fund emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Pam: It’s an easy way to save, you earn a higher yield on deposits, there are no restrictions on withdrawals – plus, it’s free!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Sierra: If you have a checking account, you would be silly not to have a LevelUp account. The benefits are instant!

Pam: It’s a great product for frequent debit card users – you can see how quickly even small deposit amounts can accumulate.

Interested in giving your savings an easy boost?

We’d love to help you open a LevelUp account. As always, we’re here to answer all your questions and get you into the account that works best for you.

Visit any branch, today!