When it came to teaching our kids about money, we placed a lot of emphasis on budgets and saving for big goals. Now that they are older, they’re getting the chance to put those lessons into real world practice. Our daughter has a school trip next spring and our son is ready to upgrade his car. These are big-ticket items and we’ve made it clear they will be responsible for the lion’s share of the expense. We’ve also given them the tools to save by introducing them to TTCU’s new digital banking experience.

With TTCU’s digital banking experience, they’ve established goals, are tracking their progress and are setting themselves up for success. And you can do the same!

Getting started is so simple.

  • Log in to your TTCU account, click Financial Planning on the main toolbar and Create a Savings Goal. Get specific! What are you saving for? Whether it’s a dream vacation like our daughter or a new car like our son, there are a ton of options to choose from. Or, get creative and create your own goal.
  • As you add the details for your goal, you’ll see how much you need to save each week or each month to meet your target date, taking the guess work out of the equation.
  • Once you know what your saving for, it’s time to get started actually saving! Adding money to your goal is so easy. You can make a simple deposit or even transfer funds from an existing account.

And have I mentioned Priority Allocations? When setting up your goals, you can rank them in order of importance. So when you make a desposit, your funds will be allocated according to their priority. Want to put 75% towards your first goal and the remaining 25% to your second goal? Done.

As you build your savings, you’ll get updates on your progress and estimates on when you can expect to reach your goal.

Really, it couldn’t be easier to reach your savings goals with TTCU.

Ready to get started?

Download the app today and you’ll be on your way to savings success!