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We’re all familiar with credit scores but have you heard of a “FinHealth Score”? Well, I recently had the opportunity to find my financial health score through a short quiz on TTCU’s mobile banking app. I decided to give the quiz a shot and received a score of only 42%. This score sounds kind of low, right? But here’s the kicker – about half of Americans score the same. It just goes to show that understanding your financial situation can be a real challenge. 

As a recent college graduate, I’ve got my fair share of financial worries. I often find myself contemplating the state of my finances. The looming uncertainty of post-graduation expenses, including student loans and rent, can be overwhelming. Growing up finances weren’t a topic of conversation, so I never learned how to properly budget and save money. 

Thankfully, after taking the financial health quiz on my app, I was redirected to TTCU’s website to receive personalized financial tips dependent on my score. There I discovered a wealth of resources and tips to improve my financial well-being. I was provided with budgeting tools and educational articles on saving and financial literacy. I was even provided with information over different savings plans that could help me save more money than a regular savings account. TTCU is committed to helping individuals like me navigate the complexities of personal finance.  

Understanding your financial health is a crucial step towards making informed financial decisions. Whether you’re a recent graduate or simply looking to gain control of your finances, TTCU’s financial health quiz and online resources can be valuable tools on your journey to financial stability.