It’s the Saturday of your dreams – the weather is perfect, and you have a busy day of errands to run. You’re doing some shopping, having lunch with friends and maybe an afternoon coffee. Things are going great until you reach for your TTCU debit card to pay for lunch – and your card is missing. And you have no idea where you left it – after all, it’s been a busy morning.

But you’re not concerned because you have a TTCU debit card and digital banking on your phone. With a few simple taps, you’ve turned off your card, researched your most recent transactions and know exactly the last place you used your card.

With TTCU, you’re in control of your finances. Not only can you disable your card when you need to, but you can also:

Set alerts or personalized limits for your credit cards.

  • You’re determined to stick to your shopping budget and setting spending limit alerts keeps you on track and on budget.

Customize your alerts for different types of transactions, merchants or regions.

  • Maybe you want an alert when your card is used for online transactions or if your card is used in a restaurant. With TTCU, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

So don’t let a misplaced debit card ruin your day. TTCU has the tools you need to take charge of your card and shop with peace of mind.