"I wanted a place with low interest rates and great, friendly staff."

Name: Larry N.
Home branch: Southeast
Member since: 1981

Larry had his eye on the perfect car: an MG – a European convertible sports car. As a young single person, he had just switched jobs and wanted a new ride that fit his lifestyle. He was already a fan of credit unions, having built a relationship with one at a previous employer. When he joined the University of Tulsa staff, he became a member of TTCU Federal Credit Union and secured a loan for the roadster.

"I wanted a place with low interest rates and great, friendly staff," he said.

Over the past thirty-five years, as his family grew bigger, the cars grew bigger as well. Larry married and had three children, and financed more than 10 cars with TTCU.

"We've had loans for our entire family fleet," he said. "My children have now inherited many of the cars from TTCU loans."

In addition to the car loans, Larry believes in using certificates from TTCU as part of his investment options.

"It helps me have a well-rounded investment portfolio," he said. "I've purchased and cashed multiple certificates at consistently the highest rates. That's a win-win!"

Through other jobs, he kept his account with TTCU, and now life has come full circle. Larry once again works for TU, as a tutor and mentor for the athletic department. And his children, now grown, have accounts at TTCU.

"I'm happy I formed a trusted financial relationship all those years ago," Larry said.