Name: Rodney D.
Home branch: Midtown
Member since: 1984

Establishing savings accounts for his young children was very important to Rodney. Rodney's father-in-law, a professor at the University of Tulsa, loved TTCU so much that he got Rodney and his children to join. Now Rodney D. is part of four generations of credit union members.

Rodney D. and his wife taught their children money management and the value of saving through the TTCU kids' savings accounts. But he soon found that the relationship also benefitted himself and his wife.

"TTCU has helped our financial journey by saving us money with lower mortgage and personal loan payments, therefore allowing us to put more toward retirement," Rodney said. "I feel like a credit union is a more personal experience."

All of his children attended University of Tulsa, and, thanks to the support of Rodney and his wife, were able to graduate without taking out any student loans. Rodney's last loan from TTCU was an ELOC (equity line of credit) to help pay for his son's law school. Now all of his children have launched careers of their own.

"I'm blessed," Rodney said. "I haven't had to borrow money for a while."

Currently, he owns his own businesses, and has plans to possibly launch another in the future. So, while retirement is still a ways down the road for him, he's grateful to TTCU for the support along the journey.

"I wanted to establish a financial relationship that would last for generations!" Rodney said.