It's not about who has the biggest bank account

Name: Mearl H.
Home branch: Eastland
Member since: 2004

When Mearl, a retired teacher, desperately needed a new, dependable vehicle, she turned to TTCU. But a relationship that began with a car loan has become so much more.

Mearl H. first joined TTCU shortly after she retired from Tulsa Public Schools. She and her husband had heard about TTCU from other teachers.

"When I talked to other teachers, whether they needed a house or a loan to purchase certain things, TTCU was able to help them," Mearl said. " . . . I want to express appreciation for the TTCU staff. They're always available to give assistance and talk with members."

Mearl has made friends at several TTCU branches, but considers Eastland her home branch.

So, in 2017, when she and her husband needed a new vehicle, they were able to get a TTCU loan through a dealership, and Mearl drove away with a quartz brown Mitsubishi.

"The process was handled with professional care and made to meet our budget," Mearl said.

Mearl's been proud to be a TTCU member ever since.

"After my husband passed away, things were hard," Mearl said. " . . . But the best thing about TTCU is that they treat you the same whether you're buying a Volkswagen or a Rolls Royce, and it's not about who has the biggest bank account."