"Now we have the option to get a home."

Name: Gloria J.
Home branch: Eastland

Member since: 2016

Gloria J. didn’t want to let her credit score hold her back from her dreams. When she first joined TTCU, she was looking for a local financial institution where she could deposit her cash tips. But she knew she also needed to do some work to rebuild her finances.

“I couldn’t even get a credit card,” she said. “No one would give me any credit.”

She was advised to take out a secured loan with TTCU. She was sold on the loan by the fact that she wasn’t out any money, and hearing from friends who were TTCU members who shared how much it built their credit.

“I learned that on-time payments were extremely important,” she said. “I set up automatic payments to make sure I never missed one.”

She’s raised her credit score over 100 points over the past four years, bringing her dreams within reach.

“I’ve been working very, very hard on it,” she said. “Now we have the option to get a home.”

It’s perfect timing, as her apartment has started to feel cramped as her eighteen-month-old daughter gets bigger. She’s dreaming of a house with space for her daughter, a garage for her vehicles and maybe even a gas stove for herself.

As she builds on the financial stability she’s achieved so far, she’s started to think about other financial priorities, too. She’d like to buy a new car and also start a college savings fund for her daughter. She’s grateful that all of this is possible thanks to the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” Being a member of TTCU allowed Gloria to reach her dreams faster.

But, right now, her top priority is a yard for her daughter to play in.

“We really want a place to call home,” Gloria said.