Name: Jocelyn T.
Home branch: Southeast
Member since: 2017

When Jocelyn moved to Oklahoma four years ago, she was excited to launch her adult life. One of the things she needed was a financial institution to help her manage her money.

“I had been educated on the difference between credit unions and banks,” Jocelyn said. “. . . I appreciated the fact that credit union members were the owners of the credit union.”

TTCU had a location near her new home, so they were the perfect choice. Once Jocelyn opened an account, she found out just how much she loved her new membership at TTCU.

Saving money is important to her, and TTCU’s mobile app is part of her toolkit to launch her dreams. She found it to be easy to navigate and transfer between accounts when needed. Jocelyn uses the built-in budgeting feature all the time.

“TTCU’s budgeting app is great on the go!” Jocelyn said. “It helps me make sure all my money is going where it needs to!”

Jocelyn dreams of someday being an entrepreneur and launching her own business, and she is happy to have TTCU as her partner along the way.

“It felt like the credit union met me where I was and helped me with my financial goals,” she said.