Name: Justin K.
Home branch: Southeast
Member since: 2015

With growing children, Justin and his wife, Maiko, had been thinking about buying a new home. Their current home was starting to feel cramped, but they finally kicked off the process with a little nudge from TTCU.

When someone at TTCU talked to Justin about TTCU’s loan rates, he decided it would be the perfect time to buy a home. He and his wife put their home on the market and began shopping around. They found the perfect house, which doubled their living space, and TTCU helped them find the perfect loan.

“It was a great process, all the way through to close,” Justin said. “(TTCU staff) had a high level of attention to detail and a high level of expertise. I am always satisfied with my interactions with TTCU team members.”

The new house has a playroom, which is perfect for their children, Lilah and Kai, to practice gymnastics, Tai Kwon Do and violin. Even their dwarf hamster, Yu-Ki-Oh, is enjoying the extra space, as he spends most evenings rolling around in his ball. Everyone in the family is living their best life in the new home.  

It wasn’t Justin’s first experience with TTCU. He had walked into the Southeast branch to ask about a truck loan back in 2006, then ended up using TTCU for a car loan as well. Thanks to his great experiences with those loans, he decided to use TTCU for all his loans moving forward.

“Using TTCU just made sense to us,” Justin said.

For Justin, it’s the people that really make the experience at the branch so wonderful.

“Money’s money, but I love the people,” Justin said.