Name: Cesar G.
Home branch: Owasso
Member since: 2005

Cesar was alarmed when his credit card number was stolen and used to make large purchases in Tibet. He immediately visited the TTCU Owasso branch, since the employees there had always looked out for him.

“If I need something, they’re always there,” Cesar said. “They watch out for me and help me protect my accounts.”

TTCU staff helped Cesar through all the steps of reporting the fraud and getting a new card issued. It’s that personal touch that has convinced Cesar to make TTCU his first choice for his financial needs.

When Cesar got his first job in 2005, his dad recommended TTCU. He helped Cesar learn about saving, and Cesar was thrilled to have an Owasso Rams School Pride® debit card. He went on to finance his car through TTCU, and when he was ready to get his first credit card, TTCU was his top choice.

“I had never had a credit card before and didn’t know much about them,” Cesar said. “They sat down with me to explain everything and helped me to start building my credit.”

Now that he’s working to build his credit score, he can start dreaming and planning to eventually buy his first home.

When he needs help with his finances, Cesar knows where to turn.

“(The Owasso branch staff) all know me by name,” he said. “It has that small community connection.”