The news headlines are full of stories about banks failing and depositors left scrambling.  But you can rest assured your money is safe at TTCU. 

What makes us different. 

The banks that have failed had vastly different funding and investment philosophies and strategies than TTCU. Their primary funding was less diversified and relied heavily on corporate deposits, primarily from tech-based startups and venture capital firms. When those companies hit financial difficulties, they drew down their deposits. That forced the banks to sell their investments at a loss in order to maintain adequate levels of liquidity (cash). 

TTCU takes a much more conservative approach to investments, steering clear of high-risk products that might jeopardize our financial stability. TTCU maintains a well-diversified mix of liquidity options. And TTCU has zero reliance on corporate deposits. 

Your money is safe with TTCU. 

TTCU is different than banks, which are owned by stockholders. You, and TTCU’s 153,000 other members own TTCU, and your best interests drive every decision we make.  

In general, financial institutions are considered well-capitalized at 7%. TTCU’s capital is extremely strong at 13%.  

TTCU is financially strong. 

Because of our sound investment and lending strategies, TTCU’s financial position is strong and we are not at risk of failing. We’ve been a safe haven for our members’ money for nearly 89 years, and we remain so today. In fact, in times of economic turmoil, we see our members bring more deposits to TTCU precisely because of our strength. TTCU is insured by the NCUA.