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Your New Debit Card App

Jun 27, 2018

TTCU's new debit card appSecurity is everything when it comes to your debit card! Now you can keep an even closer eye on it with our new debit card app. Set up alerts, check transactions and turn your card on and off, right from your mobile device. These features keep you in control:

  • Alerts: Receive push notifications for all transactions or just what you specify, like a specific dollar amount or merchant type.

  • Controls: Review pending transactions before they hit your account. If you spot something fishy, check your records then flag it as fraudulent if it’s not yours.

  • Safety: Misplaced your debit card? Don't panic. Just turn your card off using the app. Once your card is safe, turn it back on.

  • History: With a real-time look at transactions, you'll always know what's happening with your account.

Staying connected has never been easier! Our new app is a convenient, secure way to manage your debit card.

Ready to get started?

The debit card app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Search 'TTCU Debit' in the iOS App Store or on Google Play and download today!

*Wireless carrier charges may apply.