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Finding a Healthy Balance

Posted on August 17, 2017 by Bailie L.

... when life gets crazy!

I’m all about creating balance in my life. For instance, I’ll watch a couple hours of TV and then read a couple hours, or splurge on a fun purchase and then watch my spending for the rest of the month. Perfect example - I brought a salad for lunch, so naturally I ate a piece of cake for breakfast. Talk about balance!

At least I used to be great at creating balance.

(Enter my 4-month-old baby) HELP! Need. More. Balance.

In preparation for the birth of my son, I like to think I was doing ok. Savings set aside for hospital and medical expenses? Check! Really cute nursery décor and outfits? Check! Check! Bumbos and Boppies and Wubanubs (yes, those are all real names) ready? You better believe it! I was basically prepared for the first five years of his life and really, what else could he need?

(Cue the tears laughter)

One of my first reality-checks came two nights after we got home from the hospital when I found myself purchasing a magical swaddle on Amazon at 3am, paying extra so it would be shipped to my house the very next day. Because, sleep.

Needless to say, babies need stuff. A lot of stuff. And stuff costs money.

Any huge life event is sure to throw you a little off balance – especially where your finances are involved. Here are some things I’ve learned in the past four months about finding financial balance after life gets crazy.

  1. Be prepared to not be prepared. Although you may have thought of every expense possible, be prepared for unexpected expenses. It’s bound to happen, and if you’re prepared in advance you’ll save yourself (and your wallet) some stress.

  2. Expensive doesn’t always mean, “best.” It’s easy to get in the mindset that the most expensive items are the best items, but that’s not always the case. Take time to do your research and read reviews about similar items – you could end up saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. For example, while I was looking for highchairs for my little guy, some cool options I found were in the ballpark of $500-$700! For. A. Highchair. I opted to do some extra research and found a super reliable option from IKEA for under $20. #Winning.

  3. Don’t freak out! It’s going to be ok. Your life and finances might seem off-balance right now, but things will get better! Worrying about your situation will never make it better, it will only make you feel worse. They key is to stay positive, find a budget that works for you and you’ll start to see things balancing out in no time.

Life gets crazy – it’s inevitable! Take time to enjoy the season you’re in, because another one is always around the corner.