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And The Winner Is...

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Kris H.

Question for you. Have you ever voted in the Member Poll on our homepage? If you have, thanks for voting! I wish I could give you one of those little ‘I Voted’ stickers. If you answered no, a simple explanation will help you digest the rest of this post.

Every week or so, I ask our website visitors a relatively easy poll question. None of the questions are too serious. Sometimes they’re seasonal (how do you feel about snow?), while others are more personal (what color would your dream car be?).

Over the past 25 months of posting questions, the poll has generated almost 30,000 votes on 130 different questions. That might seem like a lot of votes and I’d agree. I’ve learned that our voters are an opinionated bunch. Each week I can’t wait to see how the results turn out.

Now that I’ve collected all this information, it seems unfair not to share some of the highlights with you. Here's a look back at some of the results. And as an added bonus, I’ve thrown in a few of our more popular blog posts! You knew we had a blog, right?

I was shocked!

  • I asked voters how they watch TV. Almost 40% prefer a streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu.  I really thought cable (25%) and satellite (21%) would do better.
  • I was surprised to learn that sports aren’t all that important to viewers. During March Madness I asked How's your bracket doing? The number one answer, by a landslide (77%), was “What bracket?” Oh well, it was worth a shot.
  • Have you been thinking about trading in your car? Here’s a tip: 66% of our voters don’t even think about trading until their current odometer hits 125,000 miles or more. Thrifty! I like it.
  • Out of 130+ poll questions, only one has featured a single-word question - Snow? I was surprised to learn that 47% of voters love snow and think it is a “must have for winter.”

Just as I expected.

  • Being from land-locked Oklahoma, I wasn’t surprised to learn that most voters plan getaways to the beach or lake. I’ve asked the question numerous ways, but each time the water wins out.
  • 60% of voters picked Facebook as their favorite social network. Second place? Instagram – sorry, Twitter.
  • How do you pay your bills? 86% of voters pay online, which I was glad to see. The rest of the voters? 9% still use a stamp, while the remaining 5% like to pay in person. If you’re in one of these last two groups, join the online crowd. You’ll love it!
  • More than 54% of voters want “peace and quiet” in the shower – really, no singing please.
  • Possibly the funniest poll result - I asked voters are you a runner? 34% said they were fine with running, as long as they were being chased by something. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We didn’t know you cared.

  • The most popular question may surprise you. It’s a topic that people are passionate about - where do you get your daily coffee? That’s right... with more than 500 votes, coffee was the topic of our top poll. 52% of voters like to brew it at home, while less than 6% of voters purchase coffee from Starbucks. I’m guessing the Keurig has had a lot to do with this one.
  • Another popular poll was about popsicles - yes, you read that right. What’s your favorite flavor of Popsicle? These days there are so many flavors of popsicles, but voters stuck with the big three - grape, cherry and orange. The big winner? Cherry with more than 41% of the votes.
  • You might be sensing a theme with the popular questions - they’re mostly food related! What’s your favorite type of fried chicken? Yes, we asked the question but didn’t expect it to be a hit. With more than 37% of the votes, our viewers like white meat!
  • Finally one that’s not about food, but I did mention it above. What color is your dream car? More than a quarter of voters picked black. The least popular answer? Silver.

Not your cup of tea!

  • In October of 2015, four questions about the Tulsa State Fair didn’t raise any eyebrows. But in case you’re interested… voters like fair food (deep fried Snicker bars and stuffed sweet potatoes to be exact), but they were grossed out by deep fried Kool-Aid balls.
  • Another topic our voters didn’t connect with - Shark Week on Discovery. More than 35% of voters thought they might flip over to watch, but just weren’t sure yet. Maybe sharks are a regional thing?
  • One tidbit about April Fool’s Day… not a lot of viewers cared enough to vote, but those that did, think harmless jokes and pranks are fun (almost 55%).

Something to say.

Just like our poll questions, we post regular blog articles for our viewers. We try to keep them short, helpful and related to your finances.

Here are four of our most popular posts - in no particular order:

  • Payment overdue! It has happened to the best of us. You’re going along, paying your bills in a timely fashion when all of a sudden – BAM! You’re dealing with an unexpected expense. Read Full Article.
  • Three misconceptions about refinancing. If my ignorance about this topic helps someone else in return, then this was all worth it. Read Full Article.
  • "You just received your tax refund, what are you going to do next?" Before you answer, "I’m going to Disney World!" - have you considered all of the options that come with your sudden windfall? Read Full Article.
  • Today we’re talking about a different type of change. The change you have in your pocket or purse. To borrow a line from The Georgia Satellites… the “change in your pocket goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling.” That change. Read Full Article.

There you have it… a recap of what our voters think, plus some of our more helpful blog posts! I hope you won’t be a stranger to what our website has to offer.