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Member Stories

  • Finding a Credit Fix

    Posted By  Abigail S.
    Andrew R. wasn’t happy with his credit score. TTCU gave him the tools to repair it.
  • A Home of Their Own

    Posted By  Abigail S.
    Gloria J. didn’t want to let her credit score hold her back from her dreams. When she first joined TTCU, she was looking for a local financial institution where she could deposit her cash tips.
  • Love and Money

    Posted By  Abigail S.
    First comes love, then comes marriage, and then, for Seth and Ashley, came the joint bank account. When Seth and Ashley got married this last year and began combining their lives, they also wanted to combine their money.
  • From Homeless to Hope-filled

    Posted By  Abigail S.
    Frank spent almost 14 years living on the streets as a young adult. When he came to Tulsa on a railroad car, he had no idea what he was going to do. Thanks to a local nonprofit, Frank was able to get some help and turn his life around.
  • Small Town Feel

    Posted By  Abigail S.
    Richard feels like he's part of the family when he enters the Bixby branch. Not only does he know all the staff, they have his account pulled up before he even steps up to the counter. Many times he knows all the other members in the branch as well.